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Information for local ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) - Saturday, October 16, 2021, starting at 1300 Hrs / 1 PM

As outlined by Randy, KA4SQN on the Thursday Night ARES Net, the OARC and Hampstead Hams will be participating in the SET on Saturday afternoon. Randy is looking for participants to either deploy with mobile or portable radios/go-boxes…or simulate communications near the following locations:

Onslow County: Holly Ridge PD or FD, Turkey Creek FD, Haws Run FD, Dixon Middle School (Shelter Location - KK4VBG Mike is planning to be there) Camp Lejeune Fire Station 9 (KO4EZG Tim will simulate from Mainside) NC Foresty County HQ at Catherine Lake Fire Tower, and the Onslow County EOC (K4BWM Bob will simulate from the Commons)

Pender County: Surf City EOC, Pender County EOC in Burgaw, Burgaw FD, Maple Hill FD, Hampstead FD, Sloop Point FD, Rocky Point FD and NC Forestry County HQ on Highway 53 at Blueberry Hill.

Scenario: A replay of the 1986 Topsail Forest Fire, which will be underway and spreading across parts of both counties, which will necessitate deployment of amateur radio assets to back up emergency communications for fire, forestry and emergency management.

Modes and Frequencies: Randy wants to attempt passing message traffic via VHF/UHF and HF, in SSB, Simplex, Packet and digital modes, and via HF NVIS, within and outside the affected areas.

Onslow County VHF and UHF will be on local repeaters 147.000 VHF and 444.675 UHF

Pender County VHF and UHF will be on local repeaters 146.940 VHF, 442.025 UHF

Simplex on 146.520, with Packet via the Onslow County Packet node at 145.770, and on HF at 3907 and 7232.

Randy believes that a mobile or portable unit with minimum 25 watts VHF/UHF, and an antenna at 15-feet or greater should allow communications across the test area, plus or minus propagation issues on HF on Saturday. The idea is to test what we have, and to build a baseline for future real-world all-hazards scenarios.

If you want to participate, all you have to do is check in on Saturday afternoon, or coordinate with Randy prior to the SET via his QRZ information online.

We will be collecting information for de-brief via the Saturday Night OARC 440 Ragchew Net, 2000 hrs / 8PM on the 444.675 repeater.



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